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We founded Rigro Trading B.V. in 1998 as a trading company in waste and rejected material from plastic production. Plastic waste and rejected material can be reprocessed into raw material for production of plastic products. It is a good alternative for new (virgin) raw material. Besides that, in light of sustainability, the reuse of raw material is becoming increasingly important within organisations.

We converted Rigro trading into a private limited company in 2000 due to increased business activities. In almost 20 years we have built up an extensive network of suppliers, transport contractors, manufacturers, laboratories and customers. Due to our knowledge of, among other things, raw material, recycling processes and the production technologies of our customers, we have built our own unique position on the market

We are officially qualified for transportation, collection, trade and mediation in plastic rest material. Our company has a NIWO certification and is registered under VIHB number: 517276XXHX.


We have developed ourselves over time into a full-service organisation that provides for an efficient collection of plastic from production waste and rejected materials in and outside The Netherlands. We will gladly get in touch with you to discuss buying your rest material.


After processing the waste and rejected material, they can be used as raw material in the plastic manufacturing industry. We supply the larger part to companies in the injection moulding and extrusion market for production of various plastic products. Our range of raw materials contains several standard plastics, engineering plastics and elastomers. The larger part of these materials are delivered in the shape of regrind and regranulate (reprocessed plastic pellets).

Whether you have any rest material you wish to sell, or you are looking for reprocessed plastics for use as raw material, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to give you all the necessary information.


Rigro Trading BV

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